4 Ways to Nuture Your Child’s Relationship With God

"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." (Proverbs 22:6 NIV).

"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." (Proverbs 22:6 NIV).

Written by tiffany williams

Written by tiffany williams

Contrary to what some may think, it is imperative that as parents, you begin to nurture your child’s relationship with God as early as possible. In doing so, they will understand from a very young age how important it is to pray, to have faith, and to know God. As they grow older, spirituality, purity and a relationship with God will also become second nature.

How to Introduce Prayer to your Child

From the age of about two, my husband and I began to pray with our son about every little thing. For instance, if he had a small “boo boo”, we would pray that God would heal his “boo boo”. Currently, every morning before his school day begins, I pray with him on the car ride into his school. We pray for God’s protection, that he has a good day, and that God helps him with any challenges he may face during his day. Exposing him to this type of prayer teaches him that he can go to God about any and everything. As a result, he now prays about various topics. For instance, he prays for me if I’m not feeling well. Without even asking, he will say something like, “Lord, please heal my mommy and make her feel better. In Jesus name. Amen.” How sweet is that??? And lately, every night before he goes to bed, he prays that God helps him to not have any nightmares.

Introducing Your Child to the Bible

After our bedtime routine, my sons says his bedtime prayers and I turn on his audible children's Bible:


I highly recommend this Bible for children for several reasons. The narrator has a lighthearted and cheerful tone, the stories are told in a way that children can understand, and it has adorable sound effects that will keep your child interested.

I originally purchased the children’s Bible audio-book for the nights I was too sleepy to read him a bedtime story. I understand that reading to children helps them development speech and language skills. As a result of listening to the children’s Bible each night, my son’s speech in addition to the way he formulates his sentences is very advanced for a child his age. Another great plus.

Now that my son has been listening to his Bible every night for the past two years or so, he cannot go to sleep without it. A few weeks after listening to it each night, he would began to tell the Bible stories along with the moderator. It was the most impressive and adorable thing I have ever seen.

I have also learned a lot listening to it myself, as it simplifies the Bible tremendously. So the family is even benefiting from it. :)

Christian Music and Kids 

Another method I have used to ensure I expose my son to God is through music. He is a big fan of Hip-Hop music beats, so I play a lot of contemporary Christian music for him that has a lot of bass in them. I would much rather him listen to something positive than listen to something that contains words that a child should not be listening to or singing. I refuse to be one of those parents who lets my child grow up too fast. Or to listen to musical content that is not age appropriate. I am a firm believer that music can impact one’s thoughts and lifestyle. A few of his favorite artists are Uncle Reece and Canton Jones. I’ve included their albums below. Of course, there are several others options. I have heard rock-ish, reggae-ish, and R&B-ish Christian music. They key is finding which style your child enjoys. 

I Am Justice
Cajo Records
Radar Live

So “as far as me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15.) Whether it’s through music and worship or through the bedtime stories our child listens to. We choose God.

How to Teach Your Child the Significance of Church

I know it can be a controversial topic, as many people nowadays don’t think that you have to physically be in the church in order for your relationship with God to continue to grow. However, I believe that belonging to a church and having a church home is essential for your growth as a Christian. Having a church family who you know will be there for you when you are going through (because you will go through in this life) as well as a church home where you are growing is so important. And instilling this fact in your child is also imperative. They need to see you making church a priority so that they will also make it a priority when they are old enough to go on their own.

Also, as a parent, you need to make going to church a must and not let the child decide for themselves what they are going to do. No matter how much they may cry or fuss when they are younger, they will thank you when they are old enough to understand.

And if your church has a children’s church, even better. Ensure that your child is attending the children’s church so that they are learning the Bible on their level with their peers and in a way that is exciting and new to them. That way, they can meet new friends and will enjoy going. We are so blessed to belong to a church that has a great children’s church. My son actually tells me that he wants to go to the children’s church and always looks forward to going.

Nothing will give me more peace than to know my husband and I have equipped our son with the tools he needs to know God and His word as well as know how to pray about any and everything. In this dark, cruel world, we want him to know where to turn when life gets tough.

What do you think about these suggestions? Have you tried any additional nontraditional methods to ensure that your child develops a relationship with God? If so, what are some things that you do or have done with your children?