Balancing Acts

Often times, as a wife and a mother who works full time, I often find myself changing my schedule, and trying to complete my motherly duties in a more time efficient manner. For instance, I used to spend every Sunday afternoon after church, in the kitchen, meal prepping. While meal prepping allowed me to have more free time to spend time with my family during the week, it was completely exhausting. I literally didn't have any down time during the weekend to just relax, read a book, or watch much TV. As a result, I began to feel a little burnt out. After about a year or so of Sunday afternoon, meal prep, I decided that I needed to take a different approach. Rather than cooking various meals and preparing our lunches for the week on Sundays, I now cook about 2 meats to last us until Wednesday or Thursday. That way, I only have to cook sides during the week if we don't have sides left over from a previous meal. And we will eat something quick and easy to prepare on Fridays and Saturdays.

And of course, there is the ever so convenient crock pot, which is my saving grace. Most weeks, I will try to cook at least one meal in the crock pot to make life a bit easier, and to spend a little less time in the kitchen. To make things even better, I just got a new crock pot for Christmas that has a timer on it. Even better for those mornings that I need to throw something in there before I head to work. I highly recommend it.

I also stopped making my four year old son's lunches on Sundays. Instead, I just prep them the night before if they need to be refrigerated. Or if I decide to give him something warm that can stay heated in his thermos, I will just warm it up in the morning, and throw it in his thermos. Easy-peasy. :) Quick tip: Letting boiling hot water sit in a thermos for at least 10 minutes before you place your child's lunch in it will ensure that the thermos keeps food like chicken nuggets warm until your child's lunch-time.

Another schedule I find myself often changing is my cleaning schedule. My goal is usually to do something productive every evening after work; however, this can be a challenge depending upon my energy levels after a hectic day at work, and spending about an hour in traffic. I plan my cleaning schedule by jotting down which cleaning task I would like to complete each day of the week in my work task notebook. That way, I know what is on my agenda in advance. My schedule usually looks something like this:

Monday - clean bathrooms

Tuesday - 1 load of laundry

Wednesday - Fold laundry and dust

Thursday - 1 - 2 loads of laundry & vacuum

Friday - finish washing and folding laundry

Saturday - grocery shop (My goal is to wash and season my meats to make cooking even easier. I have also been trying to get in the habit of washing and cutting produce when I get back from the grocery store, but this hasn't quite happened yet. #2018goals.) Saturday is also a great day to do any deep cleaning that you didn't have a chance to complete earlier in the week.

Being a wife and mother is such a blessing, but it can definitively be overwhelming at times without planning and establishing some sort of schedule. I am all about trying to stick to a schedule. It just makes everything so much less hectic, and helps me maintain my peace. Check out my next blog regarding how to establish a cooking and cleaning schedule and stick with it. Until next time. ;) 


Successfully juggling multiple tasks as a mom.

Tiffany Williams

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Just to give you a brief description of myself, I am a mother to an extremely intelligent and charismatic little boy, a wife to an amazing and talented man, a dancer, poet, motivator, influencer, part-time Zumba instructor, a vinyasa flow yoga feen, and an HR professional at a major global corporation. Just like most of you, I live a very busy life, which requires me to master exceptional time management skills, stick to strict schedules, and stay focused. In the midst of it all, I strive to keep myself together by perfecting my peace. Without it, my family and my colleagues would be in grave danger. Ok, maybe that is a bit extreme. Lol... let's just say it wouldn't be a good look.

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