Creating a Schedule You Can Stick With

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In my last blog, Balancing Acts, I mentioned how creating and sticking with my cooking and cleaning schedule has helped me maintain my peace. I cannot stand a messy home. It literally makes me feel irritable, overwhelmed, and it clutters my mind. When I initially became a mother, I would wear myself out trying to keep my home clean, and would often do all of my cleaning on Saturdays, which was completely exhausting. After cleaning, I wouldn't even have the energy to go to functions I was invited to. And most importantly, I wasn't spending as much time as I wanted to with my husband and my child. To ensure that I was still able to have a social life, time to do things with my family, as well as time to just kick back and relax, I decided to create a cleaning schedule. Here are some tips for creating and sticking with your schedule.

1. Decide which tasks are most important to you. If you have limited time each week to get these items done, only include the priorities for that particular week.

2. Set a timer, and do not spend more than the allotted time to clean. That way, you can ensure that you won't overdo it. And you will still have time to do some of the things you wanted to do - like spending time with your family or friends.

3. Be realistic. In doing so, you can ensure that you meet your goal, and you won't be disappointed if you don't accomplish what you planned to that week.

4. Start small. Overdoing it, and creating a long list of things to do will only leave you feeling overwhelmed, and in some instances may even cause you to either procrastinate or to never get started.

5. Don't allow others to distract you and get you off track. I am a firm believer of business before pleasure. Go ahead and knock those items off your to-do list so you won't have to think about cleaning or doing laundry after you have had some fun. And you won’t get behind in your housework. 

6. Celebrate the tasks you've completed, and the goals you've met for the week. Remember, a small step is still a step. :) If you haven’t quite mastered your schedule, there is always next week. It gets easier. I promise. 

7. Find an accountability partner. My best friend and I text each other every night, and let each other know what we have accomplished for the evening. That way, if one of us isn't feeling motivated, the simple exchange of a text will motivate the other. Hey, sometimes we just need that extra push to get started, right?

I have found that sticking to my schedule causes me to be less stressed because I already know what I need to get done when I get home from work. That way, I know what's on my agenda for the evening, and I get right to it. For me adding music and a candle or two always does the trick as well. I absolutely LOVE music. It makes completing any tasks so much more enjoyable.

I know we all have those days when we are completely exhausted, and don't want to do a thing when we get home from work. On those days, I recommend listening to your body. The body never lies, and overdoing it, can make you feel even worse physically. What has also helped me when I feel completely exhausted is coming home, and doing absolutely nothing for about thirty minutes to an hour. I have found that relaxing for a short amount of time helps me feel rejuvenated. I always end up getting a second wind - still managing to get through my to-do list. And besides, not getting it done today will only add to what you need to get done tomorrow. And who wants to do that? You've got work to do. Create a schedule you can stick with and get busy! Until next time my Luvs.  😉

Finally learn to create a schedule that you can stick with.

Finally learn to create a schedule that you can stick with.


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