5 Ways to Save Thousands Each Year


Confessions of a Penny Pincher

Hi, my name is Tiffany Williams, and I am a stone-cold, self-proclaimed penny pincher. No really…. I get a thrill out of saving money and am quick to catch an attitude when I have to pay full price. Well... let’s just say that I am a frugal fannie. (Remember that store??? Frugal Fannie’s??? Throwback for real.)

Because I love to save money and I am actually very good at it, I thought it best to share some of my tips with you so that we can all save some pennies on the things that we purchase on the regular while we watch those bank accounts grow. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather see stacks (aka thousands) in my bank account rather than walk around looking like money when in reality I have none.

Tip #1: For all of you online shoppers like myself, I highly recommend that you start using Ebates. It is super easy to use. I’m sure you have seen the commercials and you may even be a skeptic, but let me just tell you. It works. All you have to do, is register for an account, enter the website you want to shop on i.e. “The Children’s Place” and Ebates will show you the percentage that you will receive in cash back just from using their site to get to the site you are planning to shop on. You are then directed to the website you want to shop on where you will proceed with your purchase just like normal. It’s just that simple. Ebates will send you a check in the mail once per period. See the posting periods and payment schedules below. I always rack up around the holidays. :)


Jan 1 - Mar 31                       15-May

Apr 1 - Jun 30                      15-Aug

Jul 1 - Sep 30                       15-Nov

Oct 1 - Dec 31                       15-Feb

For all of you skeptics, I have never gone to Ebates and not found a site that I was planning to shop from. I have used Ebates to shop on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, Forever21.com, etc. If it is a major store, you should be able to find it. Yes, it's an extra step, but it literally only takes a second and is so worth it. Especially, when you make it a habit to shop on Ebates regularly. Your bank account will thank you.  To sign up for Ebates click here!

Tip #2: Shop on online garage sales for items you need. You can literally purchase anything from strollers, to women’s watches, to furniture. You name it.. It’s there. I have even sold a washer and dryer and made a decent amount from it.  

My go tos are Facebook’s online market and OfferUp. You can find items for up to 70% cheaper than if you were to purchase them in the store. And you can find used items in great condition.

(Just a quick disclaimer...please ensure that you do not meet these people alone when you are buying/selling items. And meeting in a public busy location is best. Just to ensure that nothing fishy takes place. Oh, and always ask the buyer to pay you in cash.)

Tip #3: Purchase clothes from consignment shops. I know some of you may be turning your noses up right about now, and I was the same way until I tried it. Now I am a believer. LOL. I have found some of the most fashionable unique numbers in consignment shops. It’s all about your eye. AND you have to have patience.

I get so many compliments on my clothes and think to myself… little did you know, I paid $5 for this dress. Yes honey child! It can be done! When I tell you I get a thrill out of consignment shopping. When I get to the register and pay $50 for 10 items I get a rush. I remember one time, I literally got lightheaded looking at all of the options and the cheap prices. LOL…

I have even found a few consignment shops for children that have amazing, gently worn clothes. I mean, designer clothes for children. My thing is, as quickly as children grow, there is no reason to spend a whole bunch of money on clothes they will probably only be able to wear for a season before they grow out of them.

I also found that purchasing my son’s clothes just one size up helps save a lot of money. Of course you shouldn't purchase the clothes so big that the child is swimming in them. Just buy them slightly bigger.

For instance, my son is average sized, so when he was two-years-old, I would buy him 3T rather than 2T and when he was three-years-old, I would buy him 4Ts rather than 3Ts, etc. His clothes last for two seasons.

I almost forgot to mention that many of these children’s consignment shops buy gently worn clothes, shoes, toys and items such as strollers, swings, etc. so you can also make a few bucks off of items you no longer need. Some of the stores in my area are Once Upon a Child (they are a chain so you may be able to find them near you) and Kid to Kid. The only catch is that they will often purchase your clothes/item for a lot cheaper than you paid so you are almost better off selling the clothes/items yourself via an online garage sale. 

Tip #4: Use coupon apps such as Coupon Sherpa to save money for in-store purchase. They literally have coupons for everything from fast food restaurants to auto supply stores. My only recommendation is that you pull up your coupon before you get to the cash register so that you don’t forget about your coupon and so you don’t hold up the line. 

Tip #5: Use Walmart Savings Catcher. I absolutely LOVE this feature. Walmart gives you cash back on a Walmart eGift card if they find that you paid more at Walmart than at other stores nearby. All you have to do is download the Walmart app, register for an account, click on “Services,” click on “Savings Catcher” and scan your Walmart receipts. Please note: you are required to scan your receipt within seven calendar days after your Walmart purchase. If you scan your Walmart receipt more than seven calendar days after your in-store purchase, your purchase will not be eligible for a price comparison,

After you have scanned your receipt, the Walmart database automatically begins their price check analysis. Within a few days, you will be notified of the results via email. Once your eGift card has been loaded, you will receive an email from Walmart with the eGift card’s barcode. You can either have the cashier scan the barcode in the email to apply the balance to your in-store purchase or you can use the amount on your gift card to pay for online purchases. You have the option of either allowing the money on your gift card to accumulate and to save the money for a large purchase or you can spend it as you go.

I have saved so much money from this process and it is super easy for you to do the same. Keep in mind that only receipts from in-store purchases qualify for the Savings Catcher perks.

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other ways that you save tons of money each year? I would love to hear from you. 

Until next time my Luvs!

Be blessed. 


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