My Favorite Money Saving Apps


As you know, I LOOOOOVE a great deal. And I have been finding more and more ways to save money while finding amazing buys!


Most of you have probably heard of this app/website, but may not have actually used it so I wanted to share my experience, as it has become one of my go-tos for great finds at a discounted price.

Just like most women, I have a bit of an obsession with PINK by Victoria’s Secret, but being the frugal fashionista I am, I refuse to pay that PINK full retail price. One day, it dawned on me that I should check out online yard sales such as OfferUp and Poshmark to see if I could find something that was my speed for a great price. And you already know, I did! was on! I got a little out of hand and purchased a few yoga pants and a tank top that fit me like a glove and that are super stylish. I probably saved about 40% - 50% on these purchases! It doesn’t get much better than this, ladies! If you don’t have a Poshmark account yet, sign up here and use TiffanyLMiles as your referral code. In doing so, you will get $10 and I will get $10! Remember, you are also able to purchase gently worn designer items (clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories) on Poshmark so having an account is a true blessing.

I know some of you may not quite be sold on the whole consignment shopping concept. I’m not even going to fake. I wasn’t for it either until I tried it and started finding some amazing items for the low. Now I REFUSE to pay full price for something even if it’s $20 because I know I could’ve found it cheaper somewhere else. (Like a consignment shop.) Trust me. I am as particular, freaked out by germs, and as bougie as they come, and if I have embraced this shopping method, I think you would be able to enjoy doing so as well. Just try it!

Okay, back to Poshmark… One of the great features about this app is that you can also make some cash by selling gently worn items you no longer want. What a great incentive to do some Spring cleaning or get your money back for that item you refused to try on at the store before you purchased it and now it’s beyond 30 days and you can no longer return it for a refund. We all are guilty of that. LOL...


I know most if not all of you have heard of OfferUp. You can find almost anything on this app from houseware, to sports equipment for the kiddos, to home rentals, to automobiles for amazing prices. And just like Poshmark, you have the potential to make some money by selling items you no longer want or need. It literally is just like an online yard sale. If you are looking to save a significant amount of money, check this app out for great deals before you pay full retail  price.


Now, let me let you in on a little secret.  There are apps you can find in the Android and Apple App store that will allow you to save money on gas.Yep.. you read that correctly you can earn cash back while purchasing gas with apps! My go-to gas app at the moment is GetUpSide, which my sister recently put me onto. This amazing app allows you to search for the cheapest gas prices in the area and will give you a percentage of your money back after you take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app. With the app, you can also save money on groceries, restaurants and can eventually even earn free gas! Super easy way to save money and earn some cash back. My code S3TU7 gets you a 15¢/gal bonus. You can download the app using this link:

After you download the app, you will be assigned an invite code. You can share that code with others when you invite them to join GetUpSide and you will earn cashback on their purchases too! Yessss! You get some cash! You get some cash! You get some cash! We all get some cash! *in my Oprah voice*. LOL… This app will not disappoint.

Ebates now known as Rakuten

I have said it before and I will say it again… If you have not been using Ebates when you shop online, you are literally missing out on free money!! This app allows you to browse hundreds, if not thousands, of stores you visit or shop at on a regular basis. All you have to do is click on the search box at the top of the page and enter whatever store you are looking for.

You will then see a pop-up message indicating how much money you will earn back just from initiating the purchase via Ebates.

The good news is you can also earn cashback in stores now. All you have to do is activate the sales within your Ebates account. Here is an example of the stores you can earn cash back at as a result of in-store purchases. You can create an account here.

Once you sign up, you will be assigned a referral code and can earn $25 for every person who signs up using your assigned code! Another app that will not disappoint. Happy saving while looking amazing! Yaaaassss!


This app allows you to earn points that you can swap for valuable rewards. For instance, once you earn 2,200 rewards, you can redeem those points for a $5 Amazon gift card. You can also earn Visa gift cards, as well as gift cards for Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowes to name a few. How do you earn points? By taking a picture of every receipt you have and uploading it to the app. You will earn 100 points for every four receipts you upload. You can also earn points by connecting your email address to the account and allowing the app to scan your emails for e-receipts. As a result of connecting your email address, you will earn 300 points. You are also automatically entered into a weekly sweepstakes for cash prizes. To maximum the number of points you earn, connect your Amazon account as well.Super easy way to earn cash.  


This app alerts you of where you can find free or hugely discounted items for everyday essentials ranging from toiletries to cleaning products. It also offers coupons. It sort of reminds me of a social media platform for people who love to save money. You scroll through the feed to catch discounts and freebies, and can save the items that interest you in your favorites so you can refer to them later. Other users leave comments under the deals listed to confirm whether or not the deal actually worked for them as well as what they had to do to redeem the deal.

For those of you who enjoying couponing, there is also a couponing section. For those of you who are interesting in learning the art of couponing, there is a tutorial to teach you how to do so. This app warms my heart.

I am testing out a few others so I will share my experiences after I have gotten the scoop.




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