When Life Happens

Hello my Luvs!

For starters, I would like to say that I truly apologize for being missing in action for so long. March was an extremely difficult month for me. Full of ups and downs. It started off great, as after years of searching for a larger home, we finally moved into a beauitul home that we absolutely adore. As we were packing up and moving in, my best friend/cousin was literally on her death bed. I just didn’t quite realize it yet.

She was dealing with her third bout of cancer and was fighting for her life for almost a year. She was diagnosed at 28 years old after she kept experiencing pain near her left arm pit. The first doctor she saw, dismissed it as a pulled muscle. Being the fighter that she was, she ended up getting another opinion. Although it was extremely rare for a 28 year old woman to be diagnosed with breast cancer, the new doctor she saw decided to give her a mamogram, which is when they found the lump. She then had to get chemotheraphy, radiation, and decided to have a double mastectomy to ensure that the cancer would never return again. Unfortunately, about a year or so later, the cancer had spread to her spine, and then slowly began to spread throughout the rest of her body, including to her lungs and brain. It had gotten so bad that all she could do was just lay around and sleep. She could hardly talk for more than 30 minutes and would often experience shortness of breath.

On February 13th of this year, she had a stroke at the age of thirty-four. I was crushed. From that moment on, I knew that she would never be the same and that she wouldn’t be here for much longer. That same day, we got approved for our home and God provided us with extra income to cover our moving expense. Based on the timing, there was no doubt in my mind that it was truly a work of the Lord. While a part of me was absolutely ecstatic, the other half of me was literally mourning. Never in a million years would I think that my best friend would be taken away from me at such a young age. We had so much planned for our futures. More double dates with our spouses, family vacations, more ladies nights, etc. But God had another plan. 

After spending weeks recovering in a hospital in Chicago specifically for stroke patients, she finally came home a few days before I moved into my new home, but was almost immediately admitted to a local hospital. As I unpacked in my new home, I would make trips to the hospital to see her. I knew in my spirit that these visits could possibly be the last time I would ever see her, hear her voice, and her sassy sharp tongue. It was one of the most draining and overwhelming times in my life. 

Two weeks after we moved into our home, and just three days before my husband’s birthday, she went on to be with the Lord. Surprisingly, I did much better than I imagined. That too, was nothing but God. He gave me strength that I didn’t even realize I had. I felt comfort knowing that my baby girl was no longer suffering. No longer wondering how it would all end. No longer worrying about results from scans or getting bad news about her health declining. She went peacefully in her sleep with her husband, mother, and sister by her side.

Needless to say, after the first two weeks in March, I needed some time to get the house in order and just to get back into my regular routine. I am finally feeling like things are back to normal. As a result of her passing, I have a completely new perspective on life. Of course we have heard people say a thousand times that life is short, but now I really understand the significance of enjoying your life and your loved ones. The significance of taking time to smell the roses and to do the things you enjoy doing rather than always being about business.

When life happens, and we experience sorrow, hardships, and challenges, we grow the most. Although those moments can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, they are so necessary. They make us stronger, wiser, and they build our character. Often times, those moments also make us lean on God even more. Resulting in a more intimate relationship with Him, which is never a bad thing. When life happens to you, remember that this too shall pass. Stay encouraged. If God brought you to it, He will bring you through it! He has already worked it out. 🙌🏾


Tiffany Williams

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