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If you’re anything like me you are giving yourself some serious grief about the calorie-packed macaroni and cheese that made your taste buds cry out Hallelujah, the soul-quenching stuffing smothered with gravy as well as all of the ministry of delicious Thanksgiving desserts that made you want to rejoice. No matter how determined we are to not overdo it during Thanksgiving dinner, it is almost inevitable. Especially for those of you like myself who love to eat. And to make matters worse, I can really take or leave the main dishes, it’s the desserts that get me every time. Now that I am over the age of thirty and don’t quite have the freedom to delight in hours of dance like I did back in my prime, I actually have to say no more often, which is extremely difficult for me. I am such a disciplined person except for when it comes to sweets.

After this past Thanksgiving weekend, I have decided that I am finally going to kick my sugar addiction, as it is truly doing more harm than good. Sugar is like a drug that hooks us if we are not careful. Our body will begin to think we need it to survive. And similar to when a drug addict stops using the drug of their choice, when we cut sugar off, our body will begin to go through withdrawals. Withdraws or not, I have got some serious changes to make in my life to ensure that I remain healthy and energetic enough to be the most amazing wife, mother, and friend that I can possibly be. I share this in hopes that you will join me on this journey to a healthier you.

For starters, don’t give yourself too much grief as we can still bounce back before the week of Christmas and all of the upcoming holiday festivities. I have made a pact so myself to be even more intentional about my meal prepping and my exercise routines and plan to take it to the next level.

It is never too late to really jump start your workout routine and it’s a waste of time to wait to begin your health and fitness journey after the the new year has begun. Besides, being healthy should be a lifestyle rather than just a momentary decision that you make to meet a short term goal. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post how to prevent breast cancer, the meals that you eat and your exercise routine have a direct impact on your overall health. As a result I have determined that I’m going to jump right into my health kick, and my full on health obsession. I’m hoping that you will join me and correct any unhealthy habits.

Here’s how I plan to finally meet my weight goal for good. For starters, I plan to increase my cardio to at least three hours per week. A minimum of three hours of cardio a week is a must if you want to lose weight. Even if you want a fit, muscular physique, cardio is the key to cutting any additional fat. Especially belly fat. I once tried to completely eliminate cardio as I didn’t want to lose my curves and quickly realized that in order for my waist to be as snatched as it was in college, I had to drastically increase my cardio while still doing my heavy weight training.

Additionally, I plan to increase my my fresh fruit and vegetable intake drastically. As a result, I should have more energy and my overall health will improve.

Next I plan to reduce my sugar intake. I plan to say “no” to all those delicious delectable sweets that are offered throughout the holiday season. I know this may be cliché, but it has some truth behind it - a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. The older you get the more reality that adage becomes as it becomes so much more difficult to lose weight you have gained. I am also learning from experience that abs are made in the kitchen. So if you want amazing abs, you have to be very careful about what you are eating, and you have to ensure that your sugar and carb intake is at a minimum.

So what do you say? Are you ready to jump start your journey to a healthier, more fit and more attractive you? Just because the holiday season is upon us, doesn’t mean we have to let our health goals go out the window. Let’s help each other continue to be amazing in every area of our lives. We need to be healthy for our families and friends and to ensure that we have the energy and stamina to complete the work God has set before us. We’ve got this!




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