5 Easy Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Written by Tiffany Williams on October 11, 2018

Written by Tiffany Williams on October 11, 2018

Every time we turn around, we are hearing about another food, drink, personal care product, or cleaning supply that causes cancer. And to make matters worst, many of us, if not all of us, have either lost a loved one due to breast cancer, know someone who has survived breast cancer, or who has faced the scary disease their self. And to make matters worse, breast cancer is so prevalent these days and is impacting much younger women, yet doctors still do not seem to know what the causes are. My best friend in the whole wide world (who married into my family becoming my cousin and later became my son’s god-mother) fought for her life from the age of twenty-eight to thirty-four years old when she was robbed of her life and lost her battle to breast cancer earlier this year. At that point, I realized that I needed to live my life differently. While a breast cancer diagnosis cannot be predicted, we do have the means to reduce our chances of developing it. And in case you weren’t aware, African American women are at the highest risk for developing breast cancer. I don’t know about you, but I am going to do what I can to prevent a diagnosis.

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Because it is breast cancer awareness month, I have decided to share some personal life changes that I have decided to make in hopes that you will join me to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer as well. While I am by no means and expert, I have done some research and have learned some very important information that I feel compelled to share.

1) Limit alcohol consumption.

While we have often heard that drinking coffee could lead to developing breast cancer, it has been proven that there is no correlation. However, you should still only drink it in moderation, as caffeine could cause other health issues.

The same goes with drinking alcohol. While there are some ingredients in alcohol that may cause breast cancer, you do not have to completely stop drinking it. As long as you drink it in moderation, less than a few glasses a day, there will be minimal effects.

After researching how drinking alcohol impacts your body and increases your chances of developing breast cancer, I have personally decided that any drink for me will be few and far between. (Not that I am a huge drinker anyway, but I’m just saying. It’s not worth it.)

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2) Be more intentional about what you eat.

While the amount of caffeine you drink has not been directly related to causing breast cancer, it is a known and proven fact that cancer feeds off sugar. Therefore, it is imperative that you decrease your sugar intake if you would like to reduce your risk of developing cancer. There are also several foods you can eat to help your body fight off any cancer cells that may have developed or that are forming. For instance, broccoli, carrots, berries, lemons, tomatoes and citrus fruits such as oranges are some of the foods you can eat to reduce the risk of developing cancer. Increase your daily serving size of each these foods and you will be off to a great start. For more information on which foods to incorporate into your diet, read this book. It breaks down how different foods improve your health when you eat them.

3) Lose weight.

I just learned this week that weight has a positive correlation on the likelihood to develop breast cancer. More specifically, women who gain weight after they go into menopause are more likely to develop breast cancer than women who lose weight after they go into menopause.

I don’t know about you, but this finding was all the motivation I need to drop these last 10 pounds I have been trying to lose for the past two year. (Shaking my head.)

The good news is, the pounds should quickly come off when you change your diet by increases the serving sizes of the cancer-fighting fruits and vegetables I mentioned in the last section.

4) Use personal care products made from natural ingredients.

There has also been a lot of speculation about how the personal care products we use can cause breast cancer. Remember the whole debate about how when women shave under their arms and put on deodorant, the deodorant is seeping directly into their pores and lymph nodes - a direct hit to breast cancer? Well, I personally believe there is some truth behind that. I mean, think about it... Whatever we are using on our skin can seep into our pores and harm us. Especially, when the ingredients consist of items that are known carcinogens (cancer causing agents). As a result, I recently decided to start reading the labels of personal care products I purchase for myself and my family to avoid direct exposure to carcinogens. While I understand that God is in full control, I also understand that we have to make wise decisions, as He gave us the gift of free will. If I have the option to either choose an item that can cause myself, my husband and/or my child cancer, than I will choose not to purchase or use that item.

My most recent change consisted of removing antiperspirants from my medicine cabinets and replacing them with a deodorant made from all natural ingredients. Due to the change, I am no longer blocking my pores and am allowing the toxins that need to be released to come out of my pores when I sweat.

I was actually at a wine festival this past weekend when I realized that it was time for me to make the switch from antiperspirants to deodorants made from all natural ingredients. I was strolling past vendors at the wine festival when I came to a lovely couple who was selling personal care products that the wife makes herself. All natural, vegan products. And they were knowledgeable. Breaking down the significance of being mindful of the things we eat, drink and use on our skin. It was literally as if I received confirmation that it was time for me to make a change in my life and be more intentional about how to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

I am happy to say that after a few of my intense workouts, while using the Miles of Moisture deodorant, I am still just as fresh as before I begin my workouts. I am a Miles of Moisture believer and you should be as well. I strongly recommend that you try their products out and purchase your personal care products from them right away. Lets make the necessary changes in our lives to beat this ugly disease called cancer. Visit their Etsy shop by clicking here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MilesofMoisture

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4) Reduce stress and remove yourself from all negativity.

Stress is a silent killer. Holding onto negativity and stress can quickly cause your health to deteriorate. Hence the significance of removing all stress and negativity from your life. A couple of my loved ones who were battling cancer actually told me that their Oncologist demanded that they forgive anyone who hurt them and that they let go of anything that they were holding onto. That means, no more holding a grudge towards anyone no matter how long ago they hurt you, betrayed you, or wronged you. Let it go to ensure that you are free and remain free from disease.

This is one of the reasons I am so big on maintaining my peace, and which is why I began this blog in the first place. I want to ensure that people understand how imperative it is for them to remain at peace at all times.


We have covered multiple ways to reduce your risks of developing cancer. While a small percentage of women are more at risk than others due to genetics, those of us who do not have a family history of breast cancer have the power to significantly reduce of chances of ever having to face the terrifying diagnosis. Remember to be intentional about your diet by eating cancer-fighting foods, switch over to personal care products created from natural ingredients, educate yourself on the different life changes you can make to reduce your chances of developing cancer, remove all negativity from your life and do not hold any grudges. Ever. Finding, maintaining, and perfecting your peace is a must. Let’s take a stand and make some impactful, empowering changes in our lives TODAY.

After reading this week’s blog, are you ready to make some changes in your life? If you have already made some of these changes, how have they or haven’t they helped you?

Until next time my Luvs. :)


In loving memory of Kiyaka Alika Fowlkes. May you continue to rest in paradise.



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