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Welcome to my page!

Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my blog. I really hope that you are able to benefit from it. Just to give you a brief description of myself, I am a mother to an extremely intelligent and charismatic little boy, a wife to an amazing, hysterically funny, and talented man, a dancer, poet, motivator, influencer, part-time Zumba instructor, a vinyasa flow yoga feen, and an HR professional at a major global corporation. Just like most of you, I live a very busy life, which requires me to master exceptional time management skills, stick to strict schedules, remain disciplined and stay focused. In the midst of it all, I strive to keep myself together with a lot of prayer, and by striving to perfect my peace. Without it, my family and my colleagues would be in grave danger. Okay, maybe that is a bit extreme. Lol… Let’s just say it wouldn’t be a good look.

In my blogs, you can expect to learn tips that can make your own day-to-day life a bit less hectic while managing to maintain your inner peace, and while looking fabulous all the while.

Are you ready to perfect your peace?